My efforts with #83 The Complete Cookery Course Delia Smith

Couldn't possibly read it cover to cover, so the test surely had to be to cook a couple of things from it.  First, Delia's "Cornish Pasty Pie":

Click the image if you want to see it bigger.  It was... actually... really scrummy.  And not to hard to make.  Wife had a double portion (!)

Then, to see if I could really stretch myself with Delia's help, "Choux pastry chocolate and hazelnut buns":


Not so successful, certainly didn't form a single mass in the saucepan "coming clearly away from the sides".  Maybe because I used Stork instead of butter.  Took HOURS to make, and probably constitutes about a month's worth of Weightwatchers Points.  See the size of the work surface I have to use?  That's three side plates you're looking at.  It would be interesting to see Delia cook in a real world kitchen.

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